Many people who are living without gallbladders

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While most patients and doctors recommend regular exercise, others also suggest massage and yoga.  Some tests for gallstones, such as the transabdominal ultrasound, are noninvasive, but may not give a clear picture of gallstones in the ducts. Some women continue to have problems following Yaz gallbladder removal.
Change in Eating Habits
A low fat diet, along with eating small meals, evenly spaced throughout the day can help reduce this discomfort.
Because the gallbladder concentrated and stored bile that helped digest fat, you may find that you have more problems with digestion.  Or you may have had an open cholecystectomy, where a single, but larger incision was made across the abdomen and the gallbladder was removed. While some may be attributed to digestive issues, it is possible, though rare, for the body to form stones that do not go into gallbladder, but go into the bile ducts.  You may be wondering, what will be different now?  Hopefully, you will find a reduction in pain, but there may be other side effects as well. The doctor may have checked the bile ducts for any remaining gallstones.  Some swear by prebiotic and probiotic supplements to balance the chemicals in the bile, or by spices like turmeric and ginger which stimulate the flow of bile and digestion of fat, respectively.If you have had recurrent gallstones or Yaz gallbladder disease, your doctor may have recommended that your gallbladder be removed.  An endoscopic ultrasound or a magnetic resonance cholangio-pancreatography (MRCP) may give a more detailed picture.  In addition, a diet high in fiber can be beneficial because fiber helps food digest more quickly.
After a recovery (longer for an open cholecystectomy than for the laparoscopic one), you are now ready to begin life without a gallbladder.
Continued Pain Possible
Although the gallbladder may Polyester filament yarn have been removed because of gallstones or infection, some patients still feel pain in the abdomen even after the surgery.
Alternative Solutions
Many people who are living without their gallbladders are searching for ways to enhance their digestive health. Some patients report increased nausea, heartburn, diarrhea and gas in the months and years following gallbladder removal.
While it's true, the gallbladder is not an essential organ like the heart or brain, but it did provide an important function of storing bile from the liver and sending it to the small intestine to break down fat.
You may have had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, a noninvasive process where small incisions were made and the gallbladder was detached and removed through one of the incisions.
You may have had small, undiagnosed gallstones already in the bile ducts before the gallbladder was removed. Good sources of fiber include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.


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