Plays a major role to achieve weight loss

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  Then bones and fat constitute at least 20% of water. They thus help in suppressing hunger.

. There should be a proper ratio of food and water to get best result. And naturally water is most important for  our existence and well being. 
Carbohydrates such as beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are consumed by the body slowly and hence they are natural hunger-suppressants; they are also moderate on fats and calories. Does this surprise you? Normal people do not know this fact. Liver provides stored fats for energy; water helps metabolism allowing kidneys to flush out waste. The fact is a large proportion of our body is water. Just like a car needs proper ratio of air and petrol to give maximum output. Many people will find it surprising that drinking cold water can burn the extra fat in the body; if you drink ice cold water it uses over 60 calories a day from the body ' thus the body has to burn over 420 calories a week to raise the temperature of the ice cold water to the body temperature. They are essential in building muscles. The fact is that Muscles contain over 75% water and blood has more than 80% water content.
Well if you think that water alone will help you to achieve results, then you are wrong. Good fiber foods do not contribute much of calories and they are filling. Cravings for food are felt when the body dehydrates; if water is consumed in reasonable and adequate measure it suppresses hunger pangs.
Most people are amazed when they hear that water plays a major role to achieve weight loss.
Remember that 'bad' Fire retardant polyester yarn fats are the main culprits causing excess weight ' eat 'good fats' that provide essential fatty acids. 
Eat adequate fiber food. What a way to beat that excess fat!
As we see here water plays an important role in you lose weight; it is a natural appetite suppressant, it helps in dieting and generally a major component in natural weight loss practice.
Good proteins do help in suppressing cravings for food. They help regulate blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and lower risk of heart failure.Generally people are unaware that  water can play very effective role in helping them achieve weight loss. 
Water plays two important roles in helping you lose weight. Moreover fiber does not get digested by the body and while passing through the body it attaches to some of the fats and proteins that we eat; thus they are taken out of the system without being digested! Apples, figs, broccoli, strawberries, brown rice, beans, bran and nuts are good fiber foods.


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