Become a bench press champion

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  I was like a master Samurai, in an episode of Leave it to Beaver. But I couldn't care less about how much weight I can bench press, so it doesn't really matter. My arms felt under-worked, my back felt pinched and overall It felt like I was trying to force my body to do something it really didn't want to do.

Now that my calisthenics challenge is over, I can once again start lifting actual weight. But in all honesty you can go without these and every other form of exercise and still be fine. 
The reality though is that I've mastered the push-up to the point where I have become stronger, faster and more muscular with push-ups than I ever have with the bench press. Instead, find some sort of substitution that can bring you about the same results. So I figure, why go back just yet?
The lesson here is that there are few if any exercises that are essential. If I wanted to become a bench press champion then I would certainly need to keep benching. What surprised me though was how much I didn't like my old favorite and "essential" exercise. 
So your project is simple; decide if there is a certain exercise (or type of exercise) you really Cationic dyeable polyester yarn don't like and give it up for a while. 
The first thing I did was head over to one of my all time favorite exercises, the bench press.
Knowing that all exercises are potentially expendable can give you a tremendous sense of freedom.Last month I took on a challenge to do nothing but body weight exercises.
The only exception would be when your goals are specific to performing that activity itself. 
For many people (especially wanna be macho guys like me) the bench press is about as essential as you can get. Every week I hear talk about how everyone should be doing squats, dead lifts, running or yoga.
So my solution is simple: I'm giving up the bench press for a while.
When I tell people this, I'm often met with shock, surprise and maybe even a dope slap upside the head. 
Heck if you're stuck for a substitute, just write me and I'll give you at least 3-4 options :)
. You're no longer compelled to do anything you really would rather not do. It's almost sacrilegious to exercise for upper body strength, tone, power and strength without the bench press. It's all about knowing what options exist for what your goals are.


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